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The “Must Have” Guide to Transform Your Marketing To-Do List into a Marketing Plan

Take the guesswork out of how your marketing actions fit together and instead uncover the path your audience is taking; from stranger to brand advocate.

Download the Guide Now and Get the Four Essential Steps to Marketing, Including How To:

  • Get in front of those who best fit your business, turning strangers into visitors
  • Create an experience that turns content visitors into leads and gives you the ability to stay connected
  • Nurture leads into customers on a journey that shows them your product/service meets their needs
  • Support your customers is such a way that keeps them coming back AND telling their friend

Hey there! I’m Kristin… 


I’m a corporate marketer-turned-entrepreneur, and host of the Marketing in Focus podcast.
I’ve witnessed the evolution of marketing in the corporate world as technology has shifted.
And I learned a secret the more I explored the new way of marketing.  Entrepreneurs have the advantage, they just don’t know how to take it.
So now I’m taking everything I’ve learned to create resources so entrepreneurs like you can implement simple processes and strategic actions that make growing your business easier.