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The “Must Have” Guide to Transform Your Graphics

This free step-by-step workbook will help you document key brand details so you can save time designing and focus on creating AMAZING content your clients will LOVE.

Download the Guide Now and Get the Essential Steps to Taking Your Visual Branding Up a Notch.

BONUS! When you’re ready to hire someone to handle designing your content, setting these rules will make it easy to get them on board and decrease edits saving you time and budget.

Hey there! I’m Kristin… 


I’m a corporate marketer-turned-entrepreneur, and host of the Marketing in Focus podcast.
I’ve witnessed the evolution of marketing in the corporate world as technology has shifted.
And I learned a secret the more I explored the new way of marketing.  Entrepreneurs have the advantage, they just don’t know how to take it.
So now I’m taking everything I’ve learned to create resources so entrepreneurs like you can implement simple processes and strategic actions that make growing your business easier.