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The importance of a consistent visual brand identity is something that has stuck with me. And what I learned about how to do it, from award-winning agencies and amazing graphic designers, is that it really isn’t that hard.  It’s just setting an intentional course and sticking with it.

Visual brand consistency has been an on-going focus for me every time I create a new piece of content.  Back in episode 2 I shared how to create a brand guide to keep yourself consistent, and help share your brand rules with others (like a graphic designer or VA). 

Today I want to take you behind the scenes with me and tell you how I manage my branding to keep it consistent.

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I use Canva – a freemium tool.

My favorite features include:

  • Brand Kit section, store all branding assets in one place
    • Logos
    • Fonts
    • Colors
  • Create graphics easily
    • No need to remember size for common graphics
    • Free stock photos
    • Free stock templates that are easily customizable
  • Go Pro for additional benefits
    • Folders to stay organized
    • More stock photos
    • Magic resize to instantly resize any graphic
    • Ability to upload my own fonts
    • Ability to make true templates out of my graphics rather than just editing the same file over and over again
    • Ability to set multiple color palettes, so I can have a core brand palette and color palettes specific to products
    • Ability to download designs with a transparent background

Once logged in, check out their Design School for some great free trainings.

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Not sure how to pull together your brand identity (and no budget to hire out)? Check out episode 2 for my tips on building a brand identity, and grab my free Brand Guide Workbook to get started!