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A Little Bit About Me…

I’m a coffee-obsessed corporate marketer-turned-entrepreneur, wife, and mom.

I help entrepreneurs who overwhelmed with all the things needed to market their business implement strategies to create marketing processes and strategies that save time and attract the right audience.

I remember watching the Grammy Awards as a kid and wanting to be one of the people who was thanked. Someone who had helped the artist land on that stage. Pretty crazy, right?! I mean, who doesn’t want to be the rock star on stage but rather the producer behind the scenes?

Even then I knew my calling was in helping others reach their wildest dreams.

I’ve witnessed the evolution of marketing in the corporate world as technology has shifted. I started email marketing, social media marketing, and ultimately content marketing strategies for a $200 million company, and later helped a $1 million non-profit do the same.  I discovered strategies that worked regardless of business size, and marketing team size.

And I learned a secret the more I explored the new way of marketing.  Entrepreneurs have the advantage, they just don’t know how to take it.

So now I’m taking everything I’ve learned about how to understand the new marketing mindset, and ways to simplify the process and put it into action, to create resources so entrepreneurs can learn to implement strategic marketing that works for their business.